Meet the O-K Founders

Other Kingdom was founded in 2015 by Avantika Agarwal, Jess Fügler, and Tino Seubert. The three met on the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art in London where they discovered their shared passion for exploring materials, playing with colour, and engaging in production.
After graduating Avantika moved back to Bangalore to open her own studio, Jess returned to New York to become Studio Director for Matter Made, and Tino stayed in London to continue his own studio practice. With the help of technology, especially Skype, we are able to work around the world and keep our shared passions together to build Other Kingdom. Here's a chance to learn more about each of the founders outside our collective.


Tino Seubert  /  @tinoseubert
Currently living in London, UK
Previously lived in Bolanzo, Italy  /  Paris, France  /  Berlin, Germany

Tino's Personal Work


↑  Regalvanize
   Celebrating the galvanisation process of steel as a purposeful and 
decorative finish

 ←  Forming History    Significant moments in history are taken as inspiration for new furniture forms 




Avantika Agarwal  /  @avantikadesignsstuff
From New Dehli, India
Currently living in Bangalore, India
Previously lived in: Sanford, CA  /  Berlin, Germany  /  London, UK
Interests: Postmodern literature, trash television, coffee and junk food

Avantika's Personal Work

↑  Char-Colour    Burning wax pigment onto wood to create vibrant and animated surfaces. Collaboration with Louie Rigano 

 ←  Wax-On    Using wax pigment to waterproof and decorate a large outdoor tent. Collaboration with FeaturingFeaturing


Jess Fügler Other Kingdom

Jess Fügler  /  @fuuugs
From Ormond Beach, FL
Currently living in New York, NY
Previously lived in: Weimar, Germany  /  Paris, France  /  London, UK
Interests: Travel escapes, naps, the art of walking, manufacturing & making 

Jess' Personal Work

↑  Inked    Interpreting the craft of tattooing into an automated process called Subdermal Printing

↑  Phylum Class Order    Table top structures for organization based on scientific charts of taxonomic hierarchy