Textile Factory

Making Of: 
Crystalline Cushions

South Bangalore

No. Employees: 


Nestled in 20 acres of land, our textile factory is surrounded by coconut trees, mangos, and marigold flowers. Workers live both on the land in residential houses or in the nearby town, often commuting to work by bicycle. 

"A large part of our land is used in treating dyeing effluents. We are committed to creating a positive impact on the environment."


"My favourite part of the day consists of those moments when I just observe a running loom creating fabric from colourful yarn."

“My family has been in the textile trade for five generations, so it has been something that I’ve grown up with and have appreciated my entire life.”

Quotes from Abhay Jaipuria, Textile Factory's Design & Production Manager 
Images by Chris Witschy